Slot Wild Symbols Add Fun to Slot Games

Slot wild symbols are substitute symbols that can also be used as triggers for the bonus round or as multipliers. There are many types of wild symbols; stacked wilds, exploding wilds, and expanding wilds are just a few of the many types available. They are all different and each brings something different to the game at

What are Stacked Wilds?

Most of the wilds that are on the wheels of slots have a limit of one wild for every slot reel at the online casino. Although this is typically the case, there are occasions when over one wild can appear on one slot reel; when there is more than one wild for a single reel, it is called a stacked wild. Their purpose is basically to give players greater chances of winning the slots. Most virtual casinos only have stacked wilds during bonus rounds but do not be surprised if a casino offers them during the regular slot rounds.

What is Exploding Wilds?

These are probably the least common type of wild symbol found in virtual casino games. When there is an exploding wild symbol, there is typically an explosion sound effect heard after the reels stop spinning. After the small explosion sound is heard, usually numerous wild symbols are created and scatter everywhere around the reels. These symbols bring excitement to the game; they are created in an interesting way that is different from other wild symbols.

What are Expanding Wilds?

These are possibly the most popular jackpot type of slot wild symbols in online casino games.
They are somewhat similar to stacked wilds because they are stacked on top of each other; the difference is that they all merge into the same symbol. It can become a character that fits in with the theme of the casino game or into some other symbol. This symbol brings excitement to the game by creating visuals for the players and adding on to the fun of winning.

Each of these wild symbols is different and they all add their own touch to the slot games. Online casinos microgaming are starting to add even more of these features to the slot games than before; when a user is pleased with something, these software providers take notice and do everything they can to continue pleasing their customers. While the animated slot wild symbols that are already available are thrilling and bring an exciting touch to the games, be on the lookout for different symbols in the future that provide more fun and bonuses to the slots.