Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

In some games at, such as video poker or online slots, the jackpot is progressive. Every time you don't win, the amount in the jackpot goes up. In some cases, several machines share the same jackpot, which makes the value of it increase more rapidly, as more than one person is contributing to it. The exact value of each varies based on the game and the number of machines. In some cases, the amount can top $1 million. Once someone wins, the value in the pot falls to a smaller level.

Before you can try out your luck at a progressive online slot game, you need to register an account. All top-rated NZ gaming sites have a simple registration process which you can complete in a couple of minutes. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Visit the official website or fire up the mobile app
  2. Find the Register button, usually located in the top right corner of the main page
  3. Provide some basic personal information such as first and last name, date of birth, email address, etc.
  4. Tick the small boxes confirming you are of legal age to gamble online and accepting the terms and conditions set by the operator

How to Win

If you're playing a microgaming slots game, you need to put a wager on each line or else you can't win. Some people might think that they can't afford to bet on every payline. There are ways to stretch even a small betting budget, though. For example, you can lower your bet by picking a smaller denomination. You can also reduce your wager by putting fewer coins on the payline so that you can stretch your bet over each line. Another way to reduce your overall bet is to choose a machine that has a smaller betting requirement.

Choose the Right Game

Your odds of winning the big jackpot are better if you pick the right game. Look the homepage of your online casino of choice to see which game has a jackpot that is almost ready to go off. Can you truly play 15 different variations of the popular video poker game? Absolutely. You just have to iknow who offers it. The website can help you identify the fifteen types of video poker and provide you with the links. This is an extremely helpful service that provides quick access to amazing games. While it's not an exact science, you can look at the average size of the jackpot, the length of time since it last popped and how much money is in it now. Just remember that even if it seems likely that a jackpot is ready to go, it could still be a matter of days before anyone wins. Some progressive jackpots are also completely random. While most pop once a player gets a certain combination of symbols on a machine, random ones can trigger at any time. It doesn't matter what the results of a spin are.

Just as some people only play the lottery when the prize climbs above several million, you might only want to play certain slot games when the jackpot is above a certain amount. The higher the amount of money in the pot, the more likely people are to participate. If more people get involved, your chances of winning are reduced, but the amount in the pot continues to increase.