Kahnawake Regulated Casinos

Many people may not be aware of the fact that Kahnawake is one of the very few entities to come out with a foolproof jurisdiction for offering online casino gaming license for offshore aspirants. The firs license was issued as early as 1996 and hence this is an organization which knows the ins and outs as far as online casino gaming is concerned. There is a very specific gaming law under which Kahnawake issues licenses to casino owners. There is a specific gaming commission that gives hundreds of licenses for online casinos. The three main points which are taken into account while giving licenses could be termed as suitability of the company, ready to operate under a license that is from Kahnawake and most importantly agreeing to offer services to players in a free and fair manner. Such online casino joints should also ensure that the players receive all their earnings that are due to them.

The gaming commission is bestowed with a wide variety of powers and they are given the job of controlling gaming activities online that happen in the Mohawk territory which falls in Kahnawake. The main principles on which licenses are given are honesty and integrity on which no compromise is allowed or permitted.

The entire licensing process in Kahnawake is not easy and it is a lengthy and tough process. The main objective of making it so tough is to ensure that the people who apply for such online casino gaming licenses must be above board when it comes to their honest, integrity and fair play. The credentials and past history of such applicants are checked and only after being fully satisfied are the licensed issued. The terms of license are also very clear about the eligible age for playing such games. These are strictly enforced and there are ways and means by which this is ensured. Regular audits are performed and the casino owners are regularly subject to enquiry and investigation by the National Fraud Center.

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